Welcome to LENSRXLAB – Where Vision and Safety Unite with Style!

Dear Valued Customers,

As the co-founders of LENSRXLAB, we are excited to extend a heartfelt welcome to you! At LENSRXLAB, we firmly believe that eyewear should not only safeguard your vision but also reflect your distinct style. Whether you are a dedicated professional, a member of the military, or an individual who values both safety and fashion, our goal is to provide eyewear that seamlessly combines the best of both worlds.

Anthony B. Miles, CEO, Majority Shareholder, and Service-Disabled US Navy Trident Nuclear Submarine Force Veteran:

My service in the United States Navy has instilled in me the significance of unwavering commitment and precision.

Today, I bring that same dedication to LENSRXLAB.

As a Service-Disabled US Navy Trident Nuclear Submarine Force Veteran, my commitment to your safety is deeply personal. Our safety eyewear exceeds industry standards, ensuring the protection you, your beneficiary, or worksite deserves.

Dr. Chelise Firmin, OD, Chief Medical Officer (CMO):

As a healthcare professional, I comprehend the critical role vision plays in your daily tasks. LENSRXLAB’s eyewear is not just about protection; it’s about enhancing your visual experience.

Our commitment to quality and medical standards guarantees that your eyes receive the care they deserve.

Jennifer Marin, Shareholder, and Chief Creative Officer (CCO):

Style is a language, and we believe that even in the workplace, it should speak volumes.

As Chief Creative Officer, I infuse a touch of elegance and fashion into our safety eyewear.

Our creative vision ensures that your eligible Patients, Veterans, Service Members, Beneficiaries, and Employees feel secure and confident while excelling in their roles!

Explore our Supplemental Vision and Health Benefits Platform to discover the perfect eyewear for your needs. From safety and diabetic eyewear to fashion-forward dress eyewear, we have curated collections prioritizing both your safety and style preferences.
Thank you for choosing LENSRXLAB. We eagerly anticipate becoming your trusted partner in vision and health.
To your safety, health, and unparalleled style,

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